Suterko-Cory Award

 Suterko-Cory Award

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For the IMC 18 conference, the IMC Award Committee is committed to seek nominations from past, present and future IMC attendees.

If you would like to nominate someone for this significant international award, the following guidelines are to be followed:

Nominations must be made in English.

Suterko-Cory Award Background

Mr. Suterko is one of the original pioneers who refined the „Hoover Techniques” and played a major role in the development of the teaching strategies.  Suterko went on to be one of the first professors in the orientation and mobility programs at Western Michigan University.  He was one of the first O&M instructors to demonstrate and teach these techniques to professionals in other countries, going to England, Australia, Poland, and France to name a few.  Many individuals from other countries also came to the US to learn from Mr. Suterko.  Mr. Stanley Suterko was one of the first and most prominent to carry the O&M Torch from the US to professionals in other countries. 

This same O&M Torch was carried by Dennis Cory to light the way of independent travel for many European Countries.  Mr. Cory made a significant contribution and commitment when he started and nurtured the IMC.  This IMC seed that Cory planted in 1979 continues to grow and produce many fruits.  It is because of the IMC, that there is such international sharing, communication, friendships, and cohesiveness between orientation and mobility specialists all over the world I believe this to be the fruits of the labor of Dennis Cory.


The intent of this special award is for individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of orientation and mobility (O&M) on an international basis.  There have been many individuals who have served as ambassadors, teachers, mentors, innovators, and researches in the area of O&M.  They have not been content with the security of working in their own geographical area, but have had the courage to extend themselves beyond their own country.  Their pride in their work, their commitment to improve the lives of individuals with a visual impairment, and their professionalism goes beyond political boundaries.  Often these individuals have gone above and beyond the call of duty and sacrificed much of their personal time to work many uncompensated hours that were only rewarded by personal satisfaction.  The award is named after two such individuals who exemplify the intent of this award.

Previous winners

  • IMC 8  The award was announced and a plaque was Presented in Trondheim, Norway in 1996 to its namesake Dennis Cory and later to Stanley Suterko in the US at the AER convention.
  • IMC 9 The first award recipient was Theodor Reusch presented at the1998 meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  • IMC 10 Tom Blair in Warwick, United Kingdom  2000
  • IMC 11 Robert Jaekle in Stellenbosch, South Africa 2003
  • IMC 12 Eric Ostergaard, in Hong Kong, China 2006
  • IMC 13 Bruce B. Blasch, in Marburg, Germany 2009
  • IMC 14 Nurit Neustadt-Noy, in Palmerston North, NZ  2012
  • IMC 15 Alan Brooks in Montreal, Canada, 2015
  • IMC 16 Steven LaGrow in Dublin Ireland, 2017
  • IMC 17 Duane Geruschat, Sweden, 2020.

If you would like to nominate someone for this award, please fill in the application form.

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  1. Marzenna Zaorska pisze:

    Proponuję osobę pana Marka Kalbarczyka, wieloletniego prezesa, założyciela Fundacji Szansa dla Niewidomych, która w Polsce nie tylko na co dzień wspiera osoby z niepełnosprawnością wzroku, ale także prowadzi szeroką działalność wydawniczą, informacyjną, organizuje cieszące się ogromną – nie tylko w Polsce, ale też na świecie – konferencje REHA. I co najważniejsze prowadzi działalność, która jest potrzebna osobom niewidzącym i słabowidzącym każdego dnia, nie od święta, nie z uwagi na polityczny czy społeczny splendor.

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