Assistance in developing O&M in children under 6 years of age
TitleAuthor / AuthorsOrganization
How can we work holistically and systematically with skills required in orientation and mobility for young children?
Masters Sigrid Avsnes (1)
Masters Silje Benonisen (1)
(1) Statped, Norway
Reach & Match Holistic Play-based Program Supports Children to Develop O&M Skills in a Fun WayMaster of Design, Bachelor of Product Analysis Mandy Lau (1)(1) Reach & Match, Australia
The accessible city for people with vision impairements – the opportunities and challengesDonata Kończyk (1)
Hanna Malik (1)
(1) Welfare & Social Projects Department of The City of Warsaw, Poland
Bubble Cane – precane techniques used in early childhoodMA Ágnes Somorjai (1)
University student Boldizsár Biró (2)
(1) School for the Blind, Budapest, Hungary
(2) Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, Hungary
How early O&M, including long cane mobility, develops the foundations for self-determinationDoctor of Education Bronwen Scott (1)(1) Independent Pathways: Orientation & Mobility and CVI Solutions/Macquarie University
Structured Discovery Cane Technique and Youth: The Promotion Model of InstructionMaster of Education Kristen Sims (1)(1) Louisiana Tech University, United States
The benefits of incorporating music in to O&M instruction for preschool and early primary school childrenMA Laura Cleary (1)(1) Childvision, National Education Centre for Blind Children, Ireland
An innovative approach to support the early development of spatial orientationViola Oser Luethi (1)(1) Blindenschule Zollikofen, Kirchlindachstrasse 49, 3052 Zollikofen, Switzerland
A specific nature of O&M in older age
TitleAuthor / AuthorsOrganization
Echolocation and ageingPh.D., Associate professor Inger C. Berndtsson (1)
B.Sc., Senior Braille and Computer teach Leif Sunesson (2)
(1) University of Gothenburg, Sweden
(2) LexLeif, Sweden
Teaching Orientation and Mobility to Older Adultsprof.reh. Emina Šišić Anđelić (1)
mag.rehab.educ. Marina Kulfa (1)
mag.rehab.educ. Matea Luburić (1)
mag.rehab.educ. Carmen Vidmar Bosak (1)
(1) Centar za odgoj I obrazovanje “Vinko Bek”, Croatia
O&M Instruction for Older Adults with Visual ImpairmentPh.D. Laura Bozeman (1)
Ph.D. Nora Griffin-Shirley (2)
(1) University of Massachusetts Boston, United States
(2) Texas Tech University, United States
O&M of people with blindness and additional disabilities
TitleAuthor / AuthorsOrganization
Community Exploration for Individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and Visual ImpairmentsMasters Stephen Jordan (1)(1) Massachusetts Association for the Blind, United States
Guiding a visually impaired person unable to drive own wheelchairMaster in special education for visually Anny Marethe Vollan (1)
Master in special education for visually Tove Arntzen Andrew (1)
(1) Statped, Norway
Guide on the Side: Fostering Independence and Inclusivity in Adolescence from a Teacher PerspectiveM.A. Special Education Donna McNear (1)(1) Independent Educational Consultant, United States
O&M skills evaluation: methods, forms, good practices
TitleAuthor / AuthorsOrganization
Orientation and Mobility Referrals and Assessments: Policy and PracticePh.D. Tina Herzberg (1)
Ph.D. Justin Kaiser (2)
(1) University of South Carolina Upstate, United States
(2) University of Kentucky, United States
Compensatory skills are key to mobilityBachelor Marleen Reinders (1)
Bachelor Paulien Zuidervaart (2)
(1) Royal Dutch Visio, the Netherlands
(2) Bartimeus, the Netherlands
Technical guide to promote orientation and mobility (ONCE) after COVID-19O&M Instructor Carmen Millán (1)
O&M Elena Lanero (1)
O&M Concepción Blocona (1)
O&M María ángeles Matey (1)
O&M David Reyes (1)
(1) ONCE, Spain
Artificial Intelligence Mobility (AIM) – Technology to Assess and Develop Functional PerformancePh.D. Jean Marc Feghali (1)
MSc Gökhan Meriçliler (2)
(1) WeWALK / Imperial College London, United Kingdom
(2) WeWALK, United Kingdom
Assessment of functional vision in the context of O&MDr hab. Małgorzata Walkiewicz-Krutak (1)(1) The Maria Grzegorzewska University, Poland
Rehabilitation programs in the field of O&M
TitleAuthor / AuthorsOrganization
Walking surface change detection with the long cane: Factors that affect surface texture discriminationPh.D. Dae Kim (1)
Ph.D. Robert Wall Emerson (1)
(1) Western Michigan University, United States
Early O&M training for RP clients – Why, Where, for Whom and a lot about the „O“ in „O&M“Graduate O&M specialist Chantal Moor (1)
Graduate O&M specialist Karen Finke (2)
(1) Beraten B, Bern and Zürcher Sehhilfe, Zürich, Switzerland
(2) IRIS e.V, Germany
Meaningful O&M: a Phenomenological Approach to O&M InstructionPh.D. Errol Ingram (1)(1) Blind Focus Pty Ltd
Preliminary research study on autonomy and mobility therapist in the integrated rehabilitation processDegree in neuropsymotrics Chiara Mastantuono (1)
Degree in accessibility Lucilla Boschi (1)
Degree in Psychology Luigina Petrucci (1)
(1) Centro Officina dei Sensi – U.I.C.I. Ascoli Piceno Fermo, Italy
Cycling into the future; O&M curriculum for children on a bicycleOccupational therapist 0-18 ys, Jolanda Kremer (1)(1) Royal Dutch Visio centre of expertise for visualy impaired and blind people, The Netherlands
O&M Guide Dog Immersion Project: A Joint Training/Assessment OpportunityCertified Orientation and Mobility Specialist, COMS, Adam Dupuis (1)
GDMI, Manager Guide Dog Training Ben Francis (2)
Guide Dog Mobility Instructor Rob Cramer (2)
(1) COMS Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada 204C-245 Pelham Rd., St. Catharines, ON, Canada L2S-1X8
(2) CNIB Guide Dogs 9643 McCuan Rd., Carlton Place ON, Canada K7C-0C4
Horsing Around – How Equine Assisted Therapy Impacts O&M SkillsB.Soc.Sc Geraldine Neill (1)
BHS AI Terri Brosnan (1)
(1) ChildVision, Ireland
Spatial orientation training for blind and partially sighted people (TOPON) – transnational partnership projectBeata MichorowskaThe State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People, Poland
Mobility and success of blind people. Biographical approach
TitleAuthor / AuthorsOrganization
New technologies in the experience of blind people. Pedagogical perspectiveMgr Justyna Rogowska (1)(1) University of Gdańsk, Poland
Guide Dog to Long Cane transitionMA Gordana Karlovčan (1)
MA Tatjana Ličina (1)
91) Rehabilitation Centre Silver, Croatia
How to help visually impaired youth to be independent? Holistic approach in education of young blind people in K-P SOSW nr 1mgr/MA Małgorzata Szczepanek (1)
mgr/MA Joanna Dłuska (1)
mgr/MA Katarzyna Giłka (1)
(1) Kujawsko-Pomorski Specjalny Ośrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy Nr 1 dla Dzieci i Młodzieży Słabo Widzącej i Niewidomej im. L. Braille’a w Bydgoszczy, Poland
Self-help Support Groups in Orientation-Mobility TrainingOrientation / Mobility Instructor Angheliki Verykokaki (1)(1) Panhellenic Association of the Blind, Greece
Policies, norms and regulations. Cooperation and coordination of activities
TitleAuthor / AuthorsOrganization
Curriculum Framework for Children and Young People with Vision Impairment (CFVI)MA Evaluation and Social Research Molemisi Kono (1)
PGCE Secondary Art and Design Education Remiiya Badru (2)
(1) London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
(2) University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
How we bring STEM-subjects closer to the visually impaired (online)Rebecka Boman (1)(1) ViewPlus
Standardization of tactile maps design: review of research and best practiceMSc. Jakub Wabiński (1)
Prof. Albina Mościcka (1)
Dr Guillaume Touya (2)
(1) Military University of Technology in Warsaw, Poland
(2) Institut national de l’information géographique et forestière, France
Methodical examination of the correctness of tactile cartographic symbolsPh.D. Emilia Śmiechowska-Petrovskij (1)
Ph.D. with habilitation Albina Moscicka2
(1) Wydział Nauk Pedagogicznych Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie, Poland
(2) Wydział Inżynierii Lądowej i Geodezji, Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna, Poland
WACA – The Web Accessibility Certificate to Ensure ICT Inclusion in EuropeAssoc. Prof Elmar Fuerst (1)(1) Hilfsgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen Österreichs, Austria
Training of O&M specialists
TitleAuthor / AuthorsOrganization
Roles and Functions of O&M Specialists Who Attend the IMCPh.D. Dae Kim (1)(1) Western Michigan University, United States
Standards in the qualification of O&M instructorsDr Werner Hecker (1)
Dipl.-Pädagoge Frank Stollenwerk (1)
(1) Deutsche blindenstudienantalt e.v. (blista), Germany
Electronic mobility aids for people with blindness;
Digital accessibility as an opportunity for educational and professional success of people with visual impairment
TitleAuthor / AuthorsOrganization
History and Advances in Accessible Indoor Wayfinding TechnologyMasters in international relations from Mike May (1)(1) GOODMAPS
Lessons learned from using artificial intelligence techniques in navigation aids and the promise they holdMasters of science François Boutrouille (1)(1) Humanware, Canada
Codesigning vision-related assistive technology at ARIA (online)Ph.D. Lil Deverell (1)
Julee-Anne Bell (1)
(1) Aria Research, Australia
Positive aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic in higher education for people with disabilitiesDr Anna Rdest (1)
Ma Anna Rozborska (1)
Ma Piotr Witek (1)
Ma Justyna Kucińska (1)
(1) Fundacja Instytut Rozwoju Regionalnego, Poland
Making Warsaw public transport available to people with visual disabilities by implementing micro-navigationTomasz Pactwa (1)(1) Welfare & Social Projects Department of The City of Warsaw, Poland
New technologies that facilitate orientation and mobility. Usage, effectiveness, future challenges
TitleAuthor / AuthorsOrganization
Independence – a human right!Tomas Yngström (1)
Lennart Jansson (1)
(1) Örebro Läns Parasportförbund, Sweden
Smart orientationMaster Degree Joaquin Herrera Medina (1)
Bachelor’s degree David Reyes Llavero (1)
Bachelor’s degree Carlos Gonzalez (1)
(1) National Organization of Spanish Blind people (ONCE), Spain
Drop-off lessons in the age of Smart phones and Ride SharingMA Special Education & Rehabilitation Pr Jay Whipple (1)(1) Foundation for Blind Children
Incorporating Apps to commute: Teaching and TrainingRehabilitation Technician Laura Blanco Zárate (1)
Instructor Tiflotécnico Maria Canadell (1)
(1) ONCE, Spain
Securing connections in suburban and regional public transport hubsAssoz. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr. Elmar Wilhelm M. Fürst (1)
Mag. Gerald Lamprecht (1)
(1) Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
Moving in groupPrimary Education Teacher Maria Jose Galvañ (1)(1) ONCE, Spain
OKO – shaping the future of visually impaired mobilityMasters degree in artificial intelligence Willem Van de Mierop (1)
Ergotherapist Petra Cosemans (2)
Ergotherapist An Verbeckt (2)
(1) AYES, Belgium
(2) Visual readaptation center De Markgrave, Antwerp, Belgium
Improving cognitive mapping skills and environment accessibility with 3D printing technologyM.Sc. Maxime Bleau (1)
Ph.D. Atul Jaiswal (1)
Ph.D. Walter Wittich (1)
Ph.D. Joseph Paul Nemargut (1)
Ph.D. Maurice Ptito (1)
(1) School of Optometry, University of Montreal, Canada
Usability and UX evaluation of an indoor blind navigation Android applicationPh.D. Paraskevi Theodorou (1)
Ph.Dc. Kleomenis Tsiligkos (1)
Ph.Dc. Andreas Tsigris (1)
Professor Apostolos Meliones (1)
(1) University of Piraeus, Greece
Accessibility and information for users with visual impairment in educational, cultural and urban space
TitleAuthor / AuthorsOrganization
SeeTHIS – How a visually adapted environment invites to move and explore better!Occupational therapist – O&M instructor Veerle Coenraets (1)(1) Centrum Ganspoel vzw, Belgium
Promoting accessibility is everyone’s responsibility. Involvement of users through an ONCE youth Club in Vigo, SpainRehabilitation technician Julia Fernández-Nieto Pons (1)(1) ONCE, Spain
BeauCoup – Building Active User Experience to Bring Culture to the PeopleMA Emanuela Zaimi (1)
MSc Daniele Marano (1)
(1) Hilfsgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen Österreichs, Austria
Accessibility to municipal marketplaces for visually impaired peopleO&M Instructor Carmen Millán (1)
O&M Elena Lanero (1)
O&M María ángeles Matey (1)
O&M Concepción Blocona (1)
O&M David Reyes (1)
(1) ONCE, Spain
How to improve and supplement work with automatically generated tactile maps?Mgr Barbora Bertlová (1)
Mgr Radek Seifert (1)
(1) ELSA Support Centre for Students with Special Needs at CTU, Czech Republic
Tactile maps of historical gardens – new approachdr hab. inż. Albina Mościcka (1)(1) Military University of Technology, Poland
Urban mobility and the changing landscape in Ireland – an accessibility and pedestrian safety perspectivePost Graduate Certificate in Vision Impa Chantelle Smith (1)
Master of Special Education (Vision) Jody Morris (1)
(1) NCBI (National Council for the Blind Ireland), Ireland
On Making the Works of Modern Art Available and Their Perception by the Visually Impaireddr Ewa Niestorowcz (1)
dr hab. Magdalena Szubielska (2)
(1) Maria Curie Skłodowska University, Poland
(2) Catholic University of Lublin, Poland
Intelligent and Inclusive Spaces – Conversations between an Architect and a COMSArchitecture Rob Tobin (1)
Rehabilitation Work (Vision Impairment) Aoife Buckley (1)
(1)National Council for the Blind, Ireland
The gov.pl portal is available and usefulMateusz CiborowskiAkces Lab, Poland
O&M of people with blindness and additional disabilities
TitleAuthor / AuthorsOrganization
Haptic Communication and guide dogMaster Cathrine Timm Sundin (1)(1) Eikholt (national resource center for deafblind in Norway), Norway
Accessibility: A challenge for persons with intellectual and visual disabilities!Marja Tap (1)
Margriet Appeldoorn (1)
(1) Bartiméus, The Netherlands
Rehabilitation programs in the field of O&M
TitleAuthor / AuthorsOrganization
Hybride guidanceBachelar in social siences Greet Hoogeveen (1)
Bachelar in social siences Ineke De Jager (1)
(1) Bartimeus, The Netherlands
Accessibility and information for users with visual impairment in educational, cultural and urban space
TitleAuthor / AuthorsOrganization
Visually-impaired students in the academic community of the Jan Długosz University in CzęstochowaDr Izabela Wrona-Meryk (1)(1) Uniwersytet Humanistyczno-Przyrodniczy im. Jana Długosza w Częstochowie, Poland
Assistance in developing O&M in children under 6 years of age
TitleAuthor / AuthorsOrganization
Longe cane use bij young children age 2,5- 6Bachelar in social siences Greet Hoogeveen (1)(1) Bartimeus
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