We are very proud to announce that the next edition of the prestigious IMC
conference will be held in Poland on 22-26.05.2023. It will be the 18th edition of this
event, which this time, for the first time in history, is organized by the Chance for the
Blind Foundation together with representatives of various institutions working for the
benefit of visually impaired people and Polish universities. In order to achieve the
best possible level in terms of both organization and content, the Foundation
established the Organizing Committee and the Scientific Program Committee. The
first of them is responsible for the best possible course of the event and
accompanying attractions, while the second ensures the quality of conference
proceedings. The International Mobility Conference is a scientific event devoted to
rehabilitation and orientation and mobility of blind and visually impaired people. It
takes place approximately every two or three years in another country. It is an event
with an unusual position on the conference market. It is attended by both academic
professionals and practitioners in the field of broadly defined rehabilitation of the blind
from all over the world.

The first IMC took place in 1979 in Frankfurt. Since that time, it has gained a huge
popularity among those who work for the benefit of the international community of the
blind and partially sighted.

The theme of the IMC18 is „information, resulting in mobility and ability”. According to
our Foundation, access to any information is crucial for a blind person. After all, it is
thanks to access to information that they can reach a building independently,
organize their matters in offices, do shopping, or watch a play in the theater or a film
in the cinema. We realize that the topic we have proposed is very broad. However,
we believe that the International Mobility Conference is the best place to discuss it.
After all, the most important elements of the conference are the innovative
presentations and its interdisciplinary character.
We cordially invite you to participate!