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TitleAuthor / AuthorsOrganization
Standards in the qualification of O&M instructorsWerner Hecker (1)
Frank Stollenwerk (1)
(1) Deutsche Blindenstudienantalt e.V. (blista), Germany
Online Tactile Maps on Public Map Portal (How to print and use the maps)Petr Červenka (1)
Radek Seifert (2)
(1) Institution / affiliation: Masaryk University, Czech Republic
(2) Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
Exploring the impact of rapid movement on orientation and mobility skillsTerri Brosnan (1)
Alan Brooks (2)
Geraldine Neill (3)
(1) Equine Project Manager, ChildVision, Ireland
(2) Private Practice (Semi Retired) IMC Executive, United Kingdom
(3) Vision Services Development Manager, ChildVision, Ireland
Demand peculiarity in ferry service: pilgrims’ number surpass the computers – a multi method approach in Kolkata-Howrah Twin City, WB, IndiaSubham Pramanick (1)(1) University of Calcutta, India
Using INDIe4All (An Interactive Digital Content Platform for All) to Support O&M Lessons and TrainingKatharine Howe (1)
Geraldine Neill (2)
(1) Deputy Manager, Reading Services, ChildVision, Ireland
(2) Vision Services Development Manager, ChildVision, Ireland
A as AbakanAgata Izykowska-Uszczyk (1)(1) National Museum in Wrocław, Poland
Lack of O&M instructors in Europe – searching for solutionsInge Jansen (1)
Elena Weber (1)
Dothe Marie Degn (1)
Agnes Somorjai (1)
(1) ENVITER network, France
AYES OKO workshopWillem Van de Mierop (1)(1) AYES, Belgium
Braille Printing Made EasyMikael Vikman Sunna (1)
Peter Hallman (1)
(1) Index Braille AB, Sweden
YourWay – ACCESSIBLE AND SAFE SPACE!Adam Kalbarczyk (1)(1) Altix Sp. z o. o., Poland
ACCESSIBLE AND SAFE SPACE – Tactile graphicsAdam Kalbarczyk (1)(1) Altix Sp. z o. o., Poland
Guide dog – the way to independenceIrena Semmler (1)(1) Fundacja na rzecz Osób Niewidomych Labrador Pies Przewodnik, Poland
Chess that talks and can play with usAdam Kalbarczyk (1)(1) Chance for the Blind Foundation, Poland
What education offers in Egypt for the blind in the field of orientation and movementSherein Mostafa (1)(1) Curriculm development center for special needs, Egypt
How to travel around the world being blindJan Bloem (1)(1) Vispero, The Netherlands
State Resource Center for Visually Impaired and its Mandate in O&MUte Hoelscher (1)(1) State Resource Center for Viusally Impaired, Schleswig, Germany
Using magnifiers in various scenariosJim Pors (1)(1) Vispero, The Netherlands
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